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Thank you for visiting the Florida Atlantic University trumpet studio page! As the Professor of Trumpet, my focus is to help transform the current trumpet student and prepare them to become a vital component as the next generation of 21st Century musicians.

Aida (Triumphal March): Verdi

Philosophical Approach 

As a pedagogical mentor, instruction in music performance and practice can only be limited to the students’ imagination. My ultimate goal in music education is to actively encourage and promote instrumental music in all genres. If a musician is able to converse within the auspicious of a particular style or composition, they are then able to navigate their way through said style without fear of not being able to speak fluently.  One can liken this to knowing the basics of a language before going to a foreign country they have never visited. As an instrumentalist my obligation is to do it effectively and efficiently. As an educator my duty is to uphold the highest academic program of study. If done correctly, music has the power to emote tranquility to the apprehensive, encourage and empower many to do the impossible. Being able to perform in the presence of others by having a direct link, conversation, is crucial for a musician. It is imperative that my students understand that by learning to efficiently speak through their instrument is indispensable. As a result, this will enable them to express their feelings and allow the audience to comprehend their interpretation of the music on an ethereal linksys.

When discussing the components of building a culturally inclusive environment at an institution of higher learning, one has to have a vision that helps add to the collective. My creative research is based on twentieth and twenty-first century musical performance, techniques, and pedagogy in both the traditional vernacular, as well as performance art pertaining to social awareness, community outreach, and social injustice(s) through external performance groups. 

As the Trumpet Professor, it is important to showcase versatility while exploring pedagogical and contemporary approaches in applied methodology. I integrate contemporary principles as well as traditional techniques in the pedagogical sequence of Applied Trumpet training for both undergraduate and graduate students. This design is an attempt to help my current and potential trumpet students prepare for the twenty-first century. Some of the methods within the redesign also included the use of audio and video software, which not only was applicable during the covid lockdown but also allowed me to maximize my creative work in twenty-first century methodology with my latest project, Covid Chronicles: A Staycation Story. 

I am a professional that values forward movement while contributing to the school environment not just as a performer and educator, but also as a member of the family that works to bring creative initiatives to fruition. 

A large component of my teaching deals with sound development through intervallic relationships in addition to developing technical facility and literary proficiency. A trumpeters “sound” is something that greatly defines them not only as an individual artist but as a working musician. The question is, “how do we make that happen?” Click PacketExample to see an example of what I talk about when giving masterclasses as a Bach Performing Artist and Clinician.

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(Ein Heldenleben): Strauss

What to prepare…

For an audition in the Trumpet Studio for Undergraduates (Freshman, Sophomore, and Transfer students).

1).Scales: Major and (Minor, if applicable), 2 octaves (where applicable)
  *Arpeggios: Major (minor, if applicable), 2 octaves (where applicable)
  *Sight Reading: Simple Rhythmic Patterns and Melodies
Prepared Solo (Choose two of the following)
1).One Solo: Concerto, Concertino, Sonata , or Concert Piece (Full or Any 1st or 3rd Movement)
2)Two Etudes: Arban, Charlier, Hering, Vannetelbosch, Brandt, Concone, Voxman, or the equivalent.
3).Three Contrasting Styles: Commercial, Orchestral, or Wind Band Excerpts

(For an audition in the Trumpet Studio for International & Graduate Students)

 (Prepare the following)
1). Two Contrasting Etudes: Arban, Bitsch, Charlier, Brandt, or the equivalent.

2). Three Contrasting Styles (Full): Concerto, Sonata, or Concert Piece (repertoire from a previous recital).

3). Four Contrasting Styles: Commercial, Orchestral, or Wind Band Excerpts.

Now Accepting Applicants for Fall 2023

*** For consideration for the Trumpet Studio Graduate Teaching Associate and Faculty Brass Quintet ***

In addition to the above, you must prepare these pieces in their entirety. Please,  click HERE!

Best of Luck!!!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via this website or at [email protected]