Adagio and Rondo: Schubert

A Hero’s Life (Ein Heldenleben): Strauss

Aida (Triumphal March): Verdi

Albion Suite (Aria – Finale): Purcell

Bach Suite (Andante- -Finale): Bach, Arr. by Mancini

Barber of Seville (Canzonetta): Rossini

Canzonetta (Madrigal): Byrd

Capriccio Variations (On A Theme by Paganini): Arr. by Mancini

Chorale: Bach

Chorale and Fugue: Bach

Chorale (A Mighty Fortress Is Our God): Bach

Chorale (Judas Maccabeus): Handel

Coronation March (Le Prophet): Meyerbeer

Das Rhinegold (Synthesis): Wagner

Der Freischütz (Hunting Song): von Weber

Don Quixote (Tone Poem): Strauss

Fughetta: Bach

Gabriel Archangelus: Palestrina

Gloria in Exelsis (B minor Mass): Bach

Goddess Suite, The (Minervia, Thalia, Psyche, Diana): Schubert

Huldigung’s March (Triumphal March): Wagner

Infernal Dance (The Firebird): Stravinsky

Introduction and Rondo: Mendelssohn

La Ballerina: Stravinsky

Menuett D’Antique: D’Almeyda

Nocturnes (Clouds Festivals): Debussy

Nocturne – Midsummer Nights’s Dream: Mendelssohn

Parsifal (Synthesis): Wagner

Petite Suite Di Padua (Corrente, Gavotte, Finale): Corelli

Prelude (Trumpet Voluntary): Purcell

Quantz – Quint (Largo, Finale): Mancini

Rondo Cappriccioso: Mendelssohn

Rondoletto: Mozart

Scherzetto Baroque: Mancini

Scherzo Bachiana: Arr. by Mancini

Scherzo – Midsummer Night’s Dream: Mendelssohn

Siegfried’s Rhine Journey (Fanfare): Wagner

Sonata di Cremona (Aria, Valsette, Finale): Corelli

Sonatina (from “The Serenade”): Tchaikovsky

Sound the Alarm (Judas Maccabeus): Handel

Sprach Zarathustra: Strauss

Suite di Concertato: Handel

Symphonetta (Andante, Minuetto, Finale): Taneieff

Till Eulenspiegel: Strauss

Triumphal March (Sigurd Jorsalfar): Grieg

Twilight of the Gods (Synthesis): Wagner

War March of the Priests (Athalia): Mendelssohn

Wedding March (Fanfare): Mendelssohn

Valkyrie, The (Synthesis and Magic Fire Music) Wagner