When James and I were talking about various timbres within musical compositions, he presented me with some of his work. However, this was only a simpet at the time. After hearing it only once, I asked if he would be willing to expand the composition and turn it into a full work and he said yes. We worked together incorporating melodic and technical ideas gearing towards the individuals strengths of my students. Not only did he succeed, he also sparked an inspirational flame within all those involved in the project.  In addition to recording each individual part, this composition was such a treat to perform. So many beautiful colors are present while adhering to the overall structure of the theme.

After recording I decided to begin my solo recording project, “Between 2 Worlds.” This projects is the epitome of my existence. More often than not, I’ve always felt obligated to perform many different styles of music, regardless of genre or period. In my opinion, music is music and that’s it! You ether feel the groove on 1 and 3 or 2 and 4. From Stravinsky to Basie…every composition has an underlying groove and it is our obligation to convey that to our audience. Hence the title of my solo project, Between 2 Worlds. I’m currently in production recording in Legacy Hall, at the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University, and truly excited to unveil this project within the forthcoming months. Stay tuned!!!