Covid Chronicles: A Staycation Story

2020 has been…rather interesting. If anything, these past few months have taught me a lot about myself and most definitely others.

I’ve come to the conclusion that YOU either come out of this “staycation,” “pandemic,” “covid-hoax,” “judgement-day,” “end-of-days,” “lockdown,” “chill-reset”, “daily-challenge,” “armageddon,” or whatever you want to call it this week…a better, empathetic, non-biased, understanding, grateful, mature, version of yourself or 👏🏾NOT!

When an individual is given the opportunity (warranted or not) to rest, be still or center themselves, clarity can be achieved and things that are deeply rooted rears itself. My mantra for this season was “Flexibility through perspective and gratitude.”
With that being said, I decided to do a “virtual” recital while tapping into all things technological. Please click HERE to view the recital!

Notes from Dad: Hallmark Original Movie

Outside of my applied and educational obligations, I enjoy staying active in my creative and scholarly research. While living in Los Angeles I was fortunate to work with many individuals within and outside the film and television industry. One such individual was PJ Hanke. Hanke is a LA based film composer who not only is a phenomenal individual, but also a great human being. Hanke and I worked on the Hallmark film, “Notes from Dad,” where I was the featured trumpeter in addition to recording all the trumpet tracks.  Good thing for me, the movie was about musician who happened to play the trumpet. To view the tracks from the movie, please click HERE.

Rex Tenebris (6 trumpets): by Naigus

In addition to pre-records for film and tv, I also get to work with great composers who might need their compositions recorded. I was fortunate work with James Naigus who’s a”brass players” composer. I commissioned James to compose a piece for the trumpet ensemble during my residency at the University of Iowa. In turn, not only did he do a phenomenal job, his composition inspired me to record my own solo album. To hear “Rex Tenebris” and read a little more about my solo recording project,  please click HERE.

50 Symphonic Quartets for Trumpet: by Mancini

The biggest and ongoing creative project that I’m currently occupied with has to deal with the arrangements of Albert Mancini. Mancini composed 50 Trumpet Quartets of various musical staples in the classical repertoire. Oddly enough, they have never been recorded. If you’re already thinking what I think you’re thinking…you’re correct. I’ve decided to record ALL 50 quartets/200+ individual parts.  Not only are these quartets a staple in our repertoire and fun to perform with other players, they have never been recorded. To hear what I’ve down so far, please click HERE.