Book of Jones: New Beginnings

Man, oh man…where should I begin?!?!?!

Many things have transpired since we last spoke. Outside a plethora of occurrences, one major event was the re-creation of my personal website. Let’s just say that I had lost nearly 5 years of performance and academic research due to a business deal gone sour. Long story short, be self-sufficient, surround yourself with a like-minded collective, and learn to create your own success. In turn, go with your gut…ALWAYS!

Other than that, these past 2 years have been filled with beauty, new relationships, a new job/opportunities, self-love, and an understanding of purpose.

For those of you who are returning and for those who are new, welcome to The Happenings! Please check back for up-to-date and current blog information.

Again, welcome!