Feels So Good: Healing Vibrations through Melody!

More often than not, people negate the fact that what we hear can actually heal us. Crazy, right?!?! When trying to relax after having a stressful day or doing something physical (e.g. working out, cleaning, and etc. ) some of us like to listen to our favourite playlist to help calm the emotional distress or intensify the particular activity.

Well, given the state of our current union and all over the world, people are hurting, feel dismayed, and are worried that it’s going to be a while before we return on the road to normalcy. Although that may be true, there are ways that I have/we can individually do to help rectify this situation and prevent it from happening again.

In addition to being proactive, whether it has been donating resources, unplugging, organizing information, meditating, giving time, dismantling misinformation, or just being there to listen to those who need an ear…I always try to use music to help send a message. Why, because that’s what I know and it’s my profession. In many cases, we don’t truly realize how a particular series of notes, intervals, keys, modulations, motives, phrases or grooves can help heal the body through vibrational frequencies in addition to the aforementioned.

One such melody that has always done that for me is “Feels So Good,” by Chuck Mangione. Even if you don’t know his name or the tune, you know the melody and it makes you feel a certain type of way. Why, because this tune hits differently. It’s is packed full with musical motives that provide healing components for the listener, if they are open and allow it.

That being said and with help of my students, both current and graduated, please take 6m03s to calm your heart, feel your emotion, gather your thoughts, breathe, and accept our rendition of a timeless classic to help bring about an energy of love, light, and hope during these unprecedented times.

Stay informed, stay creative, stay organized, breathe, stay focused, and then mobilize.