National Anthem: The Star Spangeld Banner – Trumpet Ensemble

Man, oh man…I haven’t been this juiced about arranging or recording a personal side project(in addition to recording the Mancini Quartets) since I recorded James Naigus​’ Rex Tenebris a few years ago.

I met a wonderful a trumpet player who plays cornet in the Brass Band I direct and after he saw my videos and recordings on my website, he introduced me to an arrangement/adaptation of the Star Spangled Banner by Ricky Gonzalez a few months back.

After sitting down and finally having some time to create, study, digest, and think about the influential musical/family peeps in my life (e.g. my Aunt Paula Hawkins​ who introduce me to chordal substitutions and secondary dominates, at a VERY early age). I always try to encourage my trumpet studio to think outside the proverbial box (in regards to harmony and musical ideas) while utilizing technology to help prepare them for the musical world OUTSIDE of a 4-year collegiate program.

So, I arranged and edited a brass quintet version for the Gateways Brass Collective and for my trumpet ensemble. It’s best to have a great pair of headphones/earbuds or speakers for this one 🙏🏾.

We all need a little healing in the world…from everybody in the states, to our family and military brothers and sisters across the small pond!

So enjoy…whammy!!!!